universal mirror


Someone once said to me that I was a mirror.. that sometimes people see in me things of themselves they aren’t prepared for reflected back. This, I believe, may have been them eluding to the fact that I tend to ask the uncomfortable questions.. or I used to. These days I am doing my best to keep to keep my doors locked and my trap shut. I have lost many a friend with honest advice and so now I just don’t let so many people in. I write here as an outlet, a journal of sorts.. and this seems to keep me in the quiet for the most part.

Recently something similar floated over to me during a class – the universe as a mirror reflecting back to us our hidden bits. These are those things about ourselves that we don’t own up to, need to work on, or just don’t like.. and often we judge others on those same things. We may not even realize it. I picked three trigger words to work on. These are words that if I turn them onto myself really bring forth a negative emotional response and/or are things I find myself judging people on (and so by said theory are things related to my shadow in some form) – self-centered, manipulative, and insignificant.

I then tacked on a fourth because with mental illness in my family and those close, I find it to be thrown about too carelessly here lately for my taste with no regard to how it makes those who may be struggling feel – crazy. I have spent quite a bit of time this week living with those words and what it was in essence that originally makes them triggering for me. I am working through taking away their power as we speak and replacing them with kinder ones.. a practice to carry with me. How funny, such is the damage that can be done with one little word.

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a journey of self and finding happiness in the small moments

2 thoughts on “universal mirror

  1. As a person with multiple mental health diagnosis, I call myself words like *crazy* or calling myself stupid for various forgetfulness scenarios. I really find the *stupid* is way more troublesome to me.


    1. stupid is troublesome, as you are not either of those things but crazy hits me hard bc of the monster.. taking it back tho, no longer thinking of it as negative.. just gonna play Steve Martin SNL “wild and crazy guys” in my head love ❤️ you


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