solstice in motion

The winter solstice was filled with friends and soulful small rituals. There was much bonding over local mead one evening, followed with a lovely fire of dried herbs and petition burning on the next. Standing around we watched them drift away, some still smoldering, to be carried off by the wind. I went home and lit all the candles next to the Yule tree to honor the longest night. It was a solstice full of motion.

Following, I cleaned and organized life away from work. Slowly a new sacred space formed as all the remnants of the holiday were tucked away. Baba was moved to the hearth with the help of the husband in hopes of having more time with her away from the cold room that she used to keep to.. well, as much as she keeps to anything.

The spider was left to dwell in its chosen spot as I did my best not to disturb her in my cleaning. I brought some of the old in to mingle with the new. One mustn’t forget what came before. I lit the candles and smoke, leaving offerings of welcome. Later in the following week I opened my Rituals for Living planner to address some more everyday tasks. It read, “This week, create or refine your sacred space”.. way ahead of you little keeper..



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a journey of self and finding happiness in the small moments

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